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1 Benton/Savage Family
*surnames included; Benton,Savage, Tanner, Cobb, Waldrop, Culler, Glenn 
2 Dalton/ Geiger Family
The majority of the family photo collection was saved By Mabel Kraus Geiger and Genevieve Johnson. Mabel labeled several photos which have provided many details of her life that may have otherwise been lost to history. (photo collection borrowed from Deanna Tuck with many thanks) *surnames include Geiger, Dalton, Kraus 
Letters & Postcards
Letters & Postcards
Several letters and postcards were saved over the years, as well as postcards that depicted periods in history. They will be posted with front and back labeled A1/A2, B1/B2, etc. (Many thanks to Stanley Dalton for lending the Geiger/Kraus family collection) 
4 Mystery Photos
Pictures found in Mabel Geiger's collections that need to be identified. Our "family historian" (Stanley Dalton) can name the date, location and people in almost every picture I've shown him :) 
5 Owens/ Wallace Family
6 Veterans & Military Records